Over the years, chemical peels have become a popular non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment.
As we get older, our body’s natural rejuvenation process slows down. This includes the natural turnover of dead skin cells, which are replaced by new cells. As a result, the complexion appears dull as wrinkles, sun damage and “age spots” become more visible.
In order to achieve a radiant and youthful glow, you can incorporate a professionally applied light skin peel into your regular skin care regiment.
We are proud to offer this service at Mac Beauty Center.


A chemical Peel is a form of exfoliation that helps smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of acne, scars, blemishes, wrinkles and lines, and redness and rosacea by removing dead skin cells and helping to boost the skin’s production of collagen. We apply a chemical topically to the skin and select the right peel for you based on your skin and goals.

Certain types of scarring
Fine lines and wrinkles
Overall dull complexions
Rough skin texture
Skin pigmentation issues (such as age spots and uneven skin ton)

Professional level chemical peels help your body generate younger, smoother and fresher skin.
Note that your skin may look slightly red or sunburned immediately after the treatment. However, you will also notice an improvement of overall skin tone and texture, and will experience long lasting results.

Of course! There are different formulas to treat various concerns of the client. We here at Mac Beauty Clinic customize every treatment to the needs of the client. During your FREE consultation our Medical Professional will target your skin conditions, expectations for treatment, and select a Chemical Peel best for you.

Professional Chemical Peels help your body generate younger, smoother and fresher skin. You will notice these changes immediately after one treatment.

• Consistently use professional home care products
• Utilize SPF protection regularly
• Follow a healing post-care protocol
• Does not rush the process and commits to what it takes for results